Fastint™is a range of single-pigment colours that are sold in kit form to allow you to create your own matched shades if required, or match to shades formulated by West and Senior. Kits are available for Polyester, PVC, Polyurethane and Epoxy Systems.

In conjunction with Fastint™, West & Senior also offer iMatch; a web-based colour matching, colour correction and Quality Control service allowing clients to connect directly to the Fastint™ master colour data on our servers in Manchester UK.

Fastint® products are available in a variety of pack sizes ranging from 5kilo tins up to 1000kilo IBCs.

Material Safety & Technical Data Sheets are available upon request from our Regulatory Affairs Department.

The chart below indicates the pigment types used in each of the Fastint® products. Please note: different pigments types may exist under the same generic Fastint® product name. This is dependent on Fastint® Product Group / End Use Market Application.

Due to technical limitations, the colours shown above are for demonstration purposes only and are not representative of the actual Fastint® products. For more information about Fastint® or iMatch, please contact our Sales Office on +44 (161) 724 7131.