BS5252 (inc BS4800)



00-A-05 00-A-09 00-A-13 02-C-33
02-C-37 02-C-39 02-C-40 04-B-15 04-B-17
04-B-21 04-C-33 04-C-37 04-C-39 04-D-44
04-D-45 04-E-49 04-E-51 04-E-53 06-C-33
06-C-37 06-C-39 06-D-43 06-D-45 06-E-50
06-E-51 06-E-56 08-B-15 08-B-17 08-B-21
08-B-25 08-B-29 08-C-31 08-C-35 08-C-37
08-C-39 08-E-51 10-A-03 10-A-07 10-A-11
10-B-15 10-B-17 10-B-21 10-B-25 10-B-29
10-C-31 10-C-33 10-C-35 10-C-39 10-D-43
10-D-45 10-E-49 10-E-50 10-E-53 12-B-15
12-B-17 12-B-21 12-B-25 12-B-29 12-C-33
12-C-39 12-D-43 12-D-45 12-E-51 12-E-53
14-C-31 14-C-35 14-C-39 14-C-40 14-E-51
14-E-53 16-C-33 16-C-37 16-D-45 16-E-53
18-B-17 18-B-21 18-B-25 18-B-29 18-C-31
18-C-35 18-C-39 18-D-43 18-E-49 18-E-50
18-E-51 18-E-53 20-C-33 20-C-37 20-C-40
20-D-45 20-E-51 22-B-15 22-B-17 22-C-37
22-D-45 24-C-33 24-C-39 00-E-53 00-E-55

White, Super White, Black and Super Black are also available.
Other Colour Ranges include Fascol™, BS381C, RAL840HR, Pantone 1000, Custom Matching's etc.
Please note that due to printing limitations the colour depicted on this chart are approximate only.