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Powder Chemical Foaming Agents

Fascom™ Chemical Foaming Agents are a range of polymer additives of significant technical importance for providing production, economic, environmental and physical improvements when processing a wide range of polymers. WSL have been developing and marketing this advanced technology since the 1980’s. Demand is increasing as many firms embrace this new technology within an evolving application portfolio, and the advantages it can offer.

CFA’s are different than other classes of polymer additive – they are designed to decompose during normal processing of that polymer at elevated temperatures (150ºC+). On doing so, they release a high volume of gas which can be trapped within the polymer melt creating a cellular or foamed structure. By forming a cellular structure the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity i.e. Weight. This reduction affords a number of potential properties including :-

• Easier Handling (reduced transport costs, ease of installation)

• Reduced Polymer Requirement (less polymer = lower cost, environmental gain, reduced taxation)

• Improved Product Dimensions (anti sink performance in moulding, increased volume without the weight, increased thickness = increased rigidity)

• Improved Insulation (sound, thermal)

• Cushioning (shock absorption)

• Design Aesthetics (surface detailing, three dimensional patterns)

• Aquatic (the product may float)

The choice of CFA is important as many options exist. WSL have an extensive range of products and chemistries designed to cover numerous applications, process methods and temperatures. Typical applications include; uPVC foamed profile, pipe and sheet, PVC plastisols for flooring, wallcovering, belting and artificial leather, Polyolefines for extrusion, injection moulding and rotational moulding and Rubber for extrusion and moulding operations. We offer technology developed to a final application and our dedicated technical service allows customer bespoke developments for optimised performance with regard to your production handling, dosing, base formulation, mixing and final end use technical/foaming requirements.

With a dedicated manufacturing site as part of our production facility, we have a range of blending and dispersion options allowing supply in raw component form, pre-blended modified technologies, liquid pre-dispersions and pre-weighed dust free sachets (FASPAK). Our new 2 ton plough share blender has recently been added to our production unit and has achieved a tremendous improvement in both efficiency and quality control.